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Clinical Assistance for Insurance and Industry
Risk Assessment and Chart Review Services

Mobile Exam
For more than a decade, RSA Medical has procured medical data related to physical examinations, blood tests, urinalyses, EKGs, and a host of other diagnostic testing to facilitate our clients’ ability to assess risk. Our Mobile Exam division offers a full-service medical evaluation package that is driven by board-certified physicians, as well as highly qualified nurses and physician assistants. This level of service, united with our proprietary software, allows RSA Medical to deliver an accurate, high-tech alternative to the traditional methods of assessing risk.

We feel that this type of mobile approach to gathering real-time medical data enables our clients to make informed decisions and limits the risk of medical exposure. This information allows the insurance company to perform a comprehensive evaluation of an applicant’s insurability while reducing the time related to the application cycle and the ultimate issuance of insurance.

Chart Review
This division also houses our chart review department. Our medical chart review process is designed to help facilitate our clients’ understanding of medical data. For some clients, completely outsourcing the arduous task of reviewing patient charts saves them time and money. Others may simply need occasional support for their own chart review staff. Either way, using our chart review services ensures that you’ll get the benefit of seasoned medical professionals who have up-to-date training and vast experience.

Through the use of our proprietary software, our IT staff will customize a chart review and data collection service plan to meet your company’s unique needs.
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